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The Mortgage Masters of California Story

Our Business

A fervent reader of all things financial, especially involving the mortgage industry, in 2018, Jim Modar read about the broker movement reoccurring around the States. It sounded just like the good ‘ole days. He researched it endlessly, debated, plotted, and then put all his ducks in a row. With the support of his business partner, Joey Evans, who was all in, he opened up his own shop in early 2019, calling it Mortgage Masters of California.

“Opening up my own brokerage allowed me to provide the same awesome service, but at a fraction of the cost of my competitors. When I realized how good the pricing was that I could offer my clients on the brokered side, it was a no brainer! I had to do it.”
-Jim Modar, on his greatest career achievement to date

Modar, as Jim is referred to by many in the industry, and Joey, set up their home turf near downtown Vacaville, conveniently within walking distance to all their favorite local restaurants. Behind the scenes, Jim’s wife, who was not so secretly trying to take over the branding aspect of the business, emailed over a logo she made on her work break. It was pure gold. And so, it all began.

Our Partners in Crime

Mortgage Masters of California was initially started as a branch of an already established brokerage, but we’ve since gone rogue and out on our own. We are now our own brokerage, going directly to the lender which lowers our client costs even further. Awesome sauce, right?

Well, that’s also enticing to other brokers and loan officers. Plus, word on the street is we are cool, so people are wanting to join our crew. Probably solely because of our sexy logo! Anywho, our brokerage is growing with more associate mortgage brokers coming on board and representing our brand. If you spot our logo in another city, it is because they are associated with us: they’re a branch of Mortgage Masters of California and they’re a part of our click. We make sure anyone who represents our brand is just as dope as Jim and Joey, so don’t hesitate to use one of our affiliated branches.

Mortgage Masters Lending Inc would love to hear from you.

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