Joey is a local Solano county native, who grew up in the Vacaville and Fairfield area. Growing up, Joey wanted to be a professional baseball player or wakeboarder. The professional ball player wasn’t farfetched; the kid was crazy talented and religiously watched The Sandlot. Joey went on to play college ball at Kansas Wesleyan University where he graduated in 2015 with a business management degree. Post college, his stepfather encouraged him to apply for a job in the mortgage industry believing he’d be a great fit. And that he was! Joey earned the title of Rookie of the Year in 2016 at his previous company. Alongside Modar, they earned a spot as elite members of American Pacific Mortgage’s President Club.

Over the years, Joey has garnered a reputation in the community for being charismatic, thorough, and persistent in his pursuit to close a loan. For Joey, it’s the client experience that matters most; “Without a great client experience, they won’t remember me.” That’s if the client never met Joey in person; otherwise, it would be impossible to forget his piercing blue eyes. Joey truly loves educating his clients on the process to become a homeowner. His best tip for a first-time homebuyer is to SAVE, long term it’s more beneficial than using a down payment assistance program. Joey has worked hard to become the top-notch mortgage broker that he is today by following the guidance of his mentor, Modar. He’s truly a standout on his own and the perfect partner for Modar- he’s the only person who can reel him in.

Fun fact about Joey Evans: He enjoys playing the ukulele!

Aside from work, Joey is obsessed with sports, particularly baseball and football. He’s equally obsessed with his Harley and cruising the local countryside. He is very social and with his buddies in tow, he enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, and pretty much anything that produces an adrenaline rush. Joey is very much a family guy too; you might spot him grabbing lunch at Merchant and Main with one of his parents and his rescue pup, Zell (short for Gisele Bündchen, the Supermodel/Wife of Tom Brady).

Here’s a few of his favorite things:

Quote: “Wake up, show up, keep up” – Bob “Skip” Freschi

Adult Beverage:  A cold beer

Musicians:  Led Zeppelin, The Grouch, & Mac Dre

Local Spot:  Lake Berryessa

Food:  Sushi

House Style:  Modern