Meet The Dream Team, comprised of Loli Martinez Lonso and Alix Pate, with a combined 30 years of industry expertise. As Solano County natives, we blend our extensive knowledge of the area with a passion for guiding clients seamlessly through the mortgage process. Recognized for our speed, friendliness, and efficiency, we are committed to making the journey enjoyable while helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Our mission at Dream Team Lending is to make dreams come true. Whether advising on credit repair, assisting first-time homebuyers, or helping Veterans find their dream homes, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. As proud members of the Northern Solano County Association of Realtors and Women’s Council of Realtors, we actively support our local community.

In May 2022, we founded Dream Team Lending, joining forces with Mortgage Masters Lending, Inc. As mortgage brokers, we offer competitive rates and unparalleled service. Dedicated to our rewarding careers, we go above and beyond to help clients achieve the American Dream. Let us turn your dream of homeownership into reality!


Loli Martinez Lonso

Loli is a lifelong resident of Vacaville, California, except for the one year during her 20’s when she ran off with a dude to live in New York [City?]. She loves her hometown so much that she’s basically a walking billboard promoting living in Vacaville. As a child, Loli wanted to be a ballerina, but as the instructor became stricter, she bailed on ballet. Can’t blame her for it; ballet is no joke. After graduating from Vacaville High School, she went on to graduate from Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. In 2002, she also graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California with a Masters in Business Psychology. No easy fete!

Throughout Loli’s life, there is one aspect of her employment experiences that brings her satisfaction and that is people. She has held several different jobs during her lifetime, including working as a babysitter (she LOVES babies and kids), a receptionist at a local hair salon, a position at Kmart, then Travis Credit Union, and managing a Gap store. One common denominator is all the positions required conversating with people and assisting them, which some people dislike, but Loli loves. Perhaps it was fate or God, but Loli solicited a refinance and somehow managed to leave with a job in the mortgage industry. Luckily, she was good at it too! Twenty years later, she still finds[considers] her industry as her destined career and relishes in helping folks achieve the American dream. She is extremely passionate about her career and clients, has that huge sense of urgency that makes you react immediately, and she genuinely cares about her clients. There is no doubt, it is these characteristics that have led her to be so successful to date.

“It’s most rewarding when a client is not ready to buy and we educate them, then send them off with a to-do list. Then 6 months to a year later, they come back after doing everything we advised them to do, and they buy a house. Yay!”

Loli Martinez Lonso on her most fulfilling client experience

Outside of work, Loli thoroughly LOVES being a mother to her two children. Family and friends are her everything. Post 5 o’clock, she also enjoys meditating, reading, and hammering out a ride on her Peloton. In her free time, Loli also likes to go wine tasting, watch endless movies, bake some bomb goods, garden, and bask in self-care, which is good for the soul and likely what keeps her the go-getting, happy, people lover that we all get to see daily.


Here’s a few of her favorite things:


Alix Pate

Alix was raised in Fairfield, California with aspirations of being a singer as a child. Perhaps, she didn’t have the lungs of steel to make the cut to be a singer and being surrounded by numerous relatives in the real estate field, her wheels started to turn. Her first job ever was typing preliminary reports [prelims?] at Placer Title Company. While she wanted to give the real estate industry a shot; she also wanted to do her own thing, on her own terms, and make a name for herself. First, Alix attended Solano Community College, then she graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Fun fact about Alix Pate: She CANNOT ride a bike!

Post college, in 2013, Alix realized she was basically a mathematician and unusually tech savvy, so she opted to take a position as a lending assistant at a local mortgage company where she could put her skills to use. Alix’s intuition on pursuing real estate was spot on! She earned the title of Rookie of the Year in 2013 and even was recognized in the Vacaville Reporter for her speedy accomplishment. During this time, the stars aligned and she met Loli Martinez Lonso, who would eventually become her future business partner, right hand gal, and better half to the notorious Dream Team. Her drive, compassion for her clients, excellent communication skills, coupled with her amazing tech abilities, is also what makes Alix, Loli’s better half. They make a terrific twosome!

“I love helping our clients achieve their financing goals! This is such a rewarding career and being a part of our client’s journey, is truly so special. I love the friendships we have created over the years with our clients and associates. How blessed we are to be in a business where when our clients win, we win! It’s a win, win situation!”

Alix Pate on her favorite aspect of her job

Aside from work, Alix absolutely LOVES being a mommy and she glows when talking about her daughters. She is very social and loves hanging out with her small knit group of friends and her family. Alix also enjoys working out when she can escape her babies or when she can’t, she likes to take them on walks. She is obsessed with baseball, specifically, the San Francisco Giants and whatever team her beloved nephew may be playing for during his little league seasons. Alix is also talented with home renovations, and she has an amazing eye, so don’t ever hesitate to ask her for some tips and advice on your home.

Here’s a few of her favorite things: